The most magical time of the year is here! Even during the hot Australian summer, Christmas still manages to feel enchanting. If you’re anything like us, your social calendar has been booked for th...

The most magical time of the year is here! Even during the hot Australian summer, Christmas still manages to feel enchanting. If you’re anything like us, your social calendar has been booked for the entire month of December. There’s an occasion for everything and everyone this time of year - and we’re not complaining. Serve up the Christmas spirit we say!

Are you looking to impress the guests at your next Christmas occasion? Look no further. We’ve lined up 4 phenomenal (and easy to make) cocktails that’ll leave you and your guests feeling jolly. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a delicious cocktail.

First up, the Gingerbread Espresso Martini.

The perfect kickstarter to your evening of entertainment! A shot of espresso, a lick of Baileys, a drop of Kahlua, some vodka, and a sprinkle of Collagen Beauty Caramel. Mix it all together, and you’ve got yourself a good time. With a homemade gingerbread man on top, this cocktail is all in the presentation. Some may question a ginger bickie with your cocktail, but to those people, we say… Don’t knock it till you try it! You’ll be asking for a biscuit on the side when you order your next espresso martini out and about.

With an extra creaminess thanks to our Collagen Beauty Caramel, this Gingerbread Espresso Martini tastes warm, sweet, and packs a jolly jingle. Plus, you can make it into a kids' activity when baking your tiny gingerbread men. So, to summarise the Gingerbread Espresso Martini… Delicious, biccies, Collagen Beauty, kids' activity, highly impressive.

Create your own Gingerbread Espressos with our recipe

Christmas Cocktail - Espresso Martini gingerbread

A tough act to follow, but it can be done with our Santa Sangria.

Catering for a group or needing the refill top-up pronto? Santa Sangria is the cocktail for you. It’s a drink that will taste phenomenal, but really you only have to put in 3-5% effort to make it. Mix together apples, oranges, brandy, orange juice, Collagen Beauty Tropical, and red wine and ice (super simple!) Give your glass that Santa snow look by dampening the edge and dipping it in sugar. Add a festive orange slice on the edge and call it a day. Your hard work is done; you can now sip back and relax with a cocktail that is a) delicious and b) divine for your hair, skin, and nails.

Follow the recipe to make your own Santa Sangria.

Christmas Cocktail Sangria

Now, if you’re feeling frosty after cocktail two… Let us introduce you to the Jack Frost Jello Shot (or cup for the kids).

Just because it isn’t snowing in Australia doesn’t mean you get to miss out on the frosty fun. Make yourself some Jack Frost Jello Shots! Served with a snowy top glass (desiccated coconut and agave syrup) and using our Gutsy Gummies Blueberry with some warmed pineapple juice, coconut cream, and coconut rum for the jello base - this shot looks and tastes like a winter wonderland. Plus, you can make these without the alcohol so the whole family can join in on the frosty, festive fun! 

Create your own Jack Frost Jello with our recipe

Jack Frost Jello Frost

To wind down in the evening, try our Christmas Spiced Old Fashion.

An old school classic made jollier! We’re talking maple, whisky (or bourbon), spices, Collagen Beauty Vanilla, and citrus blended together for a heartwarming sip. This recipe requires a little hands-on syrup-making, but trust us when we say it’s totally worth it for the rich flavour. Serve it on the rocks with some ginger beer, and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated cocktail.

Follow the recipe to make your own Christmas Spiced Old Fashion.

Christmas Cocktail - old spiced fashion

Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or just trying to bring something fun to the Christmas event, these cocktails will keep you in Santa’s (and your friends') good book. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our latest annual Christmas recipe release.

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