Fridges for Families  The Fridges for Families initiative was created to bring 50 fridges & grocery vouchers into the homes of those most desperate and in need due to the effects of the February fl...

Fridges for Families  

The Fridges for Families initiative was created to bring 50 fridges & grocery vouchers into the homes of those most desperate and in need due to the effects of the February floods in our town of Murwillumbah. While we know we can’t help everyone in all ways, as much as we wish we could, we felt it fitting to give 50 new fridges and 50 x $250 grocery vouchers to families who lost everything, because families and food is our thing and our mission still stands to deeply nourish as many people as we can. After seeing first hand the devastation to our little town of Murwillumbah we decided it was imperative to help where we could. From joining the mud army & enlisting the entire Nutra team to help with the clean up, helping out 25 Nutra stockists who lost everything with $1500 worth of Nutra Organics products to get them up and running, plus donating 400 broths and 10,000 bars to locals in need - we are committed to doing what we can to directly support our community.


For those a little unsure of just how big the impact was to our town, let us help you paint the picture. On the 27th February 2022, thousands of people fled their homes around Lismore, Byron, Ballina and Murwillumbah along the Northern NSW Rivers regions. Many were stranded and waiting for help on their roofs, streets became deep rivers and roads had completely washed away. Civilians created funds for helicopters, boat rescues, food and water drop off locations and clean up coordination. Were it not for the power of the people, so many of those alive and safe today might have had a completely different story. 


As locals started to find ways into the towns cut off from main roads, reports came back that on top of the surreal amount of devastation, one of the main pipes had burst, causing there to be no clean drinking water and consequently cleaning water too. The mud from the floods is extremely toxic and dangerous, causing infections in the smallest of cuts, even causing sickness and gastroenteritis, so to say these towns have been hit relatively hard would still be quite the understatement. For many in these towns, this is the second time in 5 years they have been severely impacted from the floods. 


Although there is still a monstrous amount of work to be done, the clean up efforts and the support seen from near and far has brought heartwarming sentiments to a heartbreaking situation. Our town of Murwillumbah has been one of the small towns along the Tweed River that has seen streets teeming with people, shovels in hand and soaked in mud. Strangers and friends alike have been volunteering their time, money and personal resources to help the town get back on their feet. A giant blue and white cloth was spray painted with the words, “where there is hope there is love”, the banner has been on display on a corner block in the town of Murwillumbah, inspiring hope for all. It may be one the greatest displays of community and togetherness Murwillumbah and the surrounding Northern NSW region has ever seen. 


Togetherness is how we survive, and we adore the fact that food truly does bring people together so much of the time. Speaking of, we had the amazing support of some amazing businesses who donated their time, finances and resources to get Fridges for Families up and running so quickly. Those businesses include: AVS Nutrition, Nutradry, Hawkins Watts, Sonoco, VDS Contract Manufacturing, Essential, Whyfon Real Estate and Steggall Nutrition.

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