Okay, time to take stock (pun intended) on what the heck the difference is between broth and stock! The debate between broth and stock is one of those conversations that seems to confuse the best o...

Okay, time to take stock (pun intended) on what the heck the difference is between broth and stock! The debate between broth and stock is one of those conversations that seems to confuse the best of us and even the most clever of cooks. We’re here to put an end to the confusion between broth and stock once and for all, so you know the difference between broth versus stock, some common misconceptions and the different uses and benefits of broth and stock.

Are broth and stock the same thing?

There is quite a lot of confusion out there about whether broth and stock are the same thing, and although you can use broth instead of stock (we’ll get into that in a moment) there are a few key differences. There are many articles that will tell you that stock is often made from bones and broth is made from meat, it’s all relative to the brand and if it is simply broth or bone broth. 

Our bone broth powders (chicken and beef) and bone broth concentrates are made from primarily bones. Chicken bones or beef bones are added to filtered water and apple cider vinegar (to maximise nutrient extraction) and then slow-cooked for hours. The broth is then strained for impurities and then the fat is skimmed off the top. Depending on the flavour profile we will then add the highest quality and all-natural flavours, herbs and spices. For the bone broth powders, it is then gently refractance dried into a powder, taking care to preserve the nutritional profile. 

Stock commonly bought from the supermarket isn’t slow-cooked and is often packed with fillers, sugar, glucose, colours and preservatives. Stock is often made from beef and sometimes bones and vegetables. While so much information out there will tell you broth is made only from meat, make sure you are reading the labels as broth and bone broth are quite different. If your main takeaway from this is to always read the label, look at the quality, avoid nasties and look at the nutritional value offered - then you’re on the money, this is where the main difference will be. 

Can you use broth instead of stock?

The short answer here is, yes! Broth and stock are pretty much interchangeable, so where you would normally use stock in soups, stews and gravies, you can use bone broth powders and concentrates and enjoy all the nutritional benefits as well as the delicious flavours that enhance your cooking. 

Make sure to read the package directions for our bone broth for the specific amounts of water to add, as concentrates and powders will differ. Our Beef Bone Broth Concentrates are rich in flavour profile and require less for enhancing your cooking, whereas our Bone Broth Powders have a more subtle and soft flavour, which is great for travelling, sprinkling on salads and making a cup of nutritional broth on the go. Our broth powders and concentrates can both be used for the exact same purposes, it really comes down to personal preference with type and flavour. 

Key benefits of broth compared to stock

When looking at the benefits of bone broth compared to stock you really do have to look at the specific brand as not all bone broths are equal and not all stocks are equal. While we can’t speak for every stock in general or even every bone broth, we most certainly can speak to the efficacy of our bone broth concentrates and powders in comparison to store-bought stocks.

Bone Broth has been used for centuries to support immunity, gut, bones, glowing skin and so much more. Our Beef Bone Broth Concentrates and powders are a nutritious alternative to homemade broth - because ain't nobody got time for 24 hours of slow cooking.

Benefits of Bone Broth 

In terms of bone broth benefits, our bone broth concentrates and powder bone broths are much the same. Our Beef Bone Broth Concentrates are naturally nourishing with over 40% collagen protein, plus zinc to support immunity, bone support & gut wellbeing. While our chicken and beef bone broth powders also support immunity, energy and gut wellbeing with zinc and B vitamins. 

Our vegetable broths also contain amazing benefits with calcium, zinc, folate & B vitamins to support immunity, energy and gut wellbeing. The vegetable broths are naturally delicious and gently refractance dried into a powder for maximum nutrients. Our broths won't be beaten on flavour & nutritional benefits, which makes them the perfect alternative to store-bought stocks for cooking and to drink on their own as a yummy nutritional cup of broth.

Bone Broth concentrates and Powders with cup of broth

Bone Broth in cooking

Aside from having bone broth in hot water first thing in the morning, bone broth has also made an appearance in loads of our crowd-favourite recipes. Including family-friendly recipes, snacks, lunches and dinners on the fly or dinners to impress with the in-laws. Some of our personal favourites are Mushroom Tagliatelle, Classic Beef Stew, 15 Minute Butterbean Stew, Instant Noodle Broth and Brothy Roast Potatoes

So when it comes to using broth or storebought stock in your cooking and on its own, it really does come down to understanding the key differences between the two as well as the key benefits of the bone broth. In terms of what our bone broths offer, it’s a no-brainer for us to swap out store-bought stocks for our nutritional Bone Broth Range made from grass-fed Australian Beef Bones, Australian, Certified Organic, Free Range Chicken Bones and high quality (organic where possible) vegetables, herbs and spices.

3 large dinner meals featuring Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth recipes

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