So why choose Australian wholefoods and what are wholefoods? Or perhaps you are asking yourself what is synthetic in my diet currently? Not to worry, most people don’t know that there are foods the...

So why choose Australian wholefoods and what are wholefoods? Or perhaps you are asking yourself what is synthetic in my diet currently? Not to worry, most people don’t know that there are foods they consume that contain synthetic ingredients. These are commonly found in packaged foods like breakfast cereals, chips, most packaged things and many supplements - cue the gasp! So perhaps it’s time to ditch the synthetics? Plant based wholefoods make for the best option when you are wanting to improve your nutrition with the extra help of natural health supplements.

 What are whole foods and how are they different from synthetic products?

Not all nutrients were created equal, some were created by nature over billions of years to achieve the perfect chemical balance for life, and others were artificially synthesised (made synthetic) in a lab and added to packaged and processed foods and supplements. The history of artificial and synthetic foods can be traced back to the 1950s when NASA produced synthetic foods to lengthen missions in space - we’re not over the moon about that one! Wholefoods on the other hand (especially plant based wholefoods) are straight from nature, are not processed, refined or mixed with other ingredients, think foods from nature, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.

 Our 4 Reasons for Incorporating Vegan Whole Foods Into Your Diet

Here at Nutra we create natural health supplements and use wholefood nutrition to give you the best superfoods that your body will love you for and in turn bring optimal support for wellness from within. Why are plant based wholefoods better than synthetics and so darn amazing you ask? Allow us to elaborate:

1. It’s Easier On The Body

Studies have continually found that natural nutrients are absorbed better and are more bioavailable than their synthetic counterparts. Although the end chemical structure of synthetic vitamins may often look identical to the structure of natural vitamins, the ways they have been created are very different and your body may treat them differently as a result. An example of this phenomenon involves seawater. Scientists can artificially create saltwater that is chemically identical to seawater yet some fish will die when they are transferred from natural seawater into artificial seawater. Why? Absolutely no idea! But it does demonstrate that there is more to nature than just chemical composition.

Synthetic vitamins put additional strain on our bodies as they often require biological activation once they are consumed. This activation uses up energy and other nutrients from the body to be used as cofactors. Natural health supplements, on the other hand, are biologically active and are present alongside other natural compounds that will enhance their action.

2. Plant Based Whole Foods are More Effective At Lower Doses
Because natural nutrients are absorbed and activated at a higher ratio than synthetic ones, you don’t need to consume as much for your body to get the benefits. When consuming a wholefood you consume a whole range of complementary vitamins, minerals and enzymes, making this the most nutritious choice.

Synthetic vitamins are often included in foods and supplements so that the product can boast certain health benefits and stand out from competitor products. But just because the nutrients are there, doesn't necessarily mean that your body can use them. Whenever possible, choose a healthy varied diet and supplements from wholefood sources to meet your nutritional needs.

3. Plant Based Whole Foods are Safer
Consuming nutrients the way nature intended is always safer. Not to mention that mistakes can be made in the lab and a chemical may come out slightly differently than intended, and tiny differences at a chemical level can have dramatic outcomes on a physiological level. The thalidomide tragedy is the most famous example of labs getting chemicals a little bit wrong with terrible consequences. By choosing Australian, plant based whole foods wherever possible we are able to support the Australian economy and reduce food miles.

4. Family Friendly from Pregnancy and Beyond
Lots of synthetics are not considered safe for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Plant based wholefoods on the other hand are family-friendly and safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Choosing a wholefood daily multivitamin means giving you and your growing bubba a pure and potent boost for vital daily wellness.


Table comparing our plant based wholefoods Super Greens + Reds with other multivitamins containing synthetics


Want to Try Plant Based Whole Foods? We Got You!

All Nutra Organics products can up your whole foods intake in an easy and effective way. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend our main green gal Super Greens + Reds, - A wholefood blend of 23 nourishing greens & reds to support immunity, gut wellbeing, energy, acid-alkaline balance, antioxidant protection and more. Super Greens + Reds is oh so easy to incorporate into your day, simply mix with water, try it in a green smoothie, or a greens salad.

Nutra Organics Super Greens Powder

Super Greens + Reds comes in multiple sizes and bundles, so you can take your daily dose of wholefood wellness your way.

 Featuring our three sizes of our plant based wholefood super greens + reds 150g 300g 600g


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