What happens when you take Collagen Beauty daily? It’s no secret that we (and the thousands of people who have left glowing reviews) adore Collagen Beauty and all that it can do for the hair, skin,...

What happens when you take Collagen Beauty daily?

It’s no secret that we (and the thousands of people who have left glowing reviews) adore Collagen Beauty and all that it can do for the hair, skin, nails and gut. But we thought it was about time we took it up another notch and put Collagen Beauty to the test with 162 trial participants taking Collagen Beauty daily for 8 weeks.

96% of women saw visible results for skin, hair, nails or gut health.

With hundreds of people taking Collagen Beauty everyday, we asked these wonderful women to take note of their skin before, after and during the course of the 8 weeks. A stunning 93% of people noticed a difference in their skin, hair and nails and a huge 76% noticed a difference in their gut health.

Many of these now Collagen Beauty obsessed people, took before and after photos and glowy gosh the results are phenomenal. We’re thrilled to share just a few of the reviews from our 8 week trial participants!

Results included:

  • Reduction in skin wrinkles
  • Increased hydration
  • Increased elasticity
  • Evenness in tone & texture
  • Improved glow & luminosity
  • Overall improvement in skin quality

collagen beauty reviews for hair

infographic 93% saw results from collagen beauty

Results included:

  • Improved strength
  • Improved shine
  • Faster growth
  • Reduction in hair fall out
  • Improved thickness
  • Overall improvement in hair health

collagen beauty hair benefits

Results included:

  • Improved strength
  • Faster growth
  • Longer growth
  • Improvement in overall health

collagen beauty nails
Results included:

  • Reduced bloating
  • Reduced sensitivity to foods
  • Improvement in overall health

collagen beauty gut health

How does Collagen Beauty support skin, hair, nails and gut health? 

Collagen Beauty is a superior collagen supplement formulated with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, wholefood zinc, silica and 100% RDI vitamin C. You won’t find any nasties, synthetics or fillers here. These premium ingredients work together to support the skin, hair, nails and gut health from within. Wondering what collagen can do for you? Let’s dive a little deeper into this award winning formulation and find out why our easy-to-take-everyday Collagen Beauty delivers superior results. 

Collagen for skin health

Collagen is abundant in our skin and plays a huge role in elasticity and hydration. Nourishing your skin with a daily dose of collagen will have you glowing from the inside out, with results after 8 short weeks.

Collagen Beauty contains the specialised bioactive collagen peptides called VERISOL®, which specifically targets skin, and has been scientifically shown to reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines, increase skin hydration, improve skin elasticity, and improve the structural integrity of skin over the entire body. VERISOL® is scientifically researched with multiple peer reviewed studies that demonstrate its effectiveness for skin, hair and nails.

We have also included wholefood sources of vitamin C and zinc, which help with the structure and function of connective tissue, promote healing and further supports collagen formation. Beauty truly does start within.

Collagen for strong healthy hair

Collagen is an abundant source of protein, meaning it’s great for contributing to hair proteins which make up strong healthy hair. Our award winning Collagen Beauty also contains wholefood sources of vitamin C and zinc, which help to support healthy hair. We’ve also added a natural source of silica from bamboo which is known to support healthy hair. The rest of Collagen Beauty is made up of more hydrolysed collagen! This provides a good source of protein, and plenty of building blocks for more collagen synthesis.

Collagen for strong healthy nails

Collagen supports nail health by providing nail beds with the amino acid arginine, which helps in maintaining healthy, strong nails. If your body needs more collagen, it may result in brittle, weak nails. Daily supplementation with collagen peptides may boost the growth of fingernails by 12%, and reduce the frequency of broken nails by 42%, says a new study using the VERISOL® ingredient, which you’ll find in our best selling Collagen Beauty.

Collagen for gut wellbeing

Collagen contains a significant amount of beneficial amino acids like glycine, glutamine and proline, which support the lining of the intestinal tract as well as the stomach. Gut lining is also made up of connective tissue, and collagen and vitamin C are known to support connective tissue, which also means support for the gut lining.

When the gut isn’t balanced or properly nourished, our skin often becomes irritated, red, congested and can even increase the signs of ageing. The gut affects so many organs in our body, one of the biggest being the skin. The skin is often a great signpost for what’s happening on the inside, so step one for skin health; nourish from the inside. You could say it’s a little more than a gut feeling.

results or your money back guarantee

We’re so sure that you’ll love your Collagen Beauty as much as it will love you that we’re offering you a money back guarantee for a limited time*! So if you’ve been on the fence or unsure about the results and efficacy of Collagen Beauty, worry no more and start glowing with our superior, easy to take and results backed Collagen Beauty. We can’t wait to see what Collagen Beauty can do for you!

*T&Cs apply. Learn more here.

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