We believe a diet high in a variety of whole foods is unquestionably the best, eating more plants and food from the earth rather than less. Balance and nourishment above restriction, always.

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We aren't going to beat around the bush; plants are amazing, and you should eat them more. Every colour, every variety, every day. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, nuts and everything else grown under the sun should be abundant within each meal, bringing colour, life, wholesome nutrition and depth of flavour to your cooking. From a morning smoothie, packed full of fruits, plant protein, healthy fats, and a sneaky handful of greens to provide sustainable energy for the day ahead, through to slow roasted vegetables cooked in fragrant herbs with a hearty side of spiced quinoa mixed into a vibrant salad, every meal is an opportunity to boost your wellbeing with the power of plants. 

There's a new fad diet that people are starting to sink their teeth into called the Carnivore diet - the exact opposite of plant-based eating and strictly zero carbs. No fruit, no vegetables, no plants whatsoever. Just meat, fish, eggs, and maybe dairy products. Sounds crazy, right? While followers of the diet claim it has helped them lose weight and cure a bunch of things, it is certainly not sustainable long-term for your health and the environment, and you will be missing out on an alarming amount of nutrients that only come from plants and are of utmost importance for your wellbeing. 

We believe a diet high in a variety of whole foods is unquestionably the best, eating more plants and food from the earth rather than less. Balance and nourishment above restriction, always.

Every meal should be an opportunity to nourish your body. Pack as many colourful fruits, veggies and plants into your meal as you can! We still believe meat products like bone broth, fish, and eggs are very beneficial for your health as part of a balanced diet, but this month we want to celebrate plants and inspire you to eat more through delicious, nourishing, and gut-loving plant-based recipes!

It is so easy to get every nutrient you need to both survive and thrive from just plants, especially with the help of plant-based proteins.

Often the biggest challenges in a predominantly plant diet is getting enough protein or finding a gut-friendly plant protein supplement. Hate the taste of pea protein or the grittiness of rice protein, and feeling bloated? We've got your back here. All proteins in our ranges are fermented, containing sprouted and bio-fermented pea and brown rice protein (along with other plant protein sources within the different ranges), which is much easier for your gut, smooth in texture and also contains pre and probiotics to support your friendly gut bacteria. We have three different protein ranges to suit everyone and every goal:

  • Thriving Protein is a family-friendly, safe for kids 12 months+ and pregnant/breastfeeding women. It is the perfect nourishing protein for all family members, with a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support growth and development, immunity, and more.
  • Clean Protein is a workout focused protein, and is designed to help you achieve your training goals. With added vegan BCAAs, Magnesium, Zinc, and Fibre, Clean Protein will help you feel energised and is the perfect training partner for your daily fitness routine.
  • Hemp Protein is a nutritious, everyday protein blend with targeted benefits for each flavour. Creamy Vanilla Hemp Protein contains a dose of alkaline greens, Salted Cacao Maca is great for inner balance and wellbeing with the addition of adaptogens, and Beauty Berries contains vegan-friendly ingredients to help your body produce more collagen to help with skin, hair, and nails. 

Other plant-based supplements which can be beneficial for vegan or predominantly plant-based diet include Nutritional Savoury Flakes, these contain a variety of nutrients that can be slightly more difficult to obtain in a vegan or vegetarian diets such as Vitamin b12 and Zinc. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin not present in any plant-based foods but it is absolutely necessary for the production of energy and for nervous system structure. Zinc is necessary for regular immunity and also helps support our gut by promoting the production of gastric acid for digestion. Other vegan superfoods such as Spirulina & Chlorella contain a plethora of phytonutrients and are easy to consume as part of our Clean Greens blend. Finally, ensuring ample consumption of protein and healthful fatty acid containing nuts and seeds (such as our Wholefood Pantry range; Organic Almonds; Sunflower Seeds; Chia seeds; Linseeds) provide a good spectrum of amino acids necessary for the repair and maintenance of bodily tissues whilst healthful fats and vitamin E to aid in the protection of these tissues from oxidative damage.

Keep an eye out for our plant-powered recipes this month, as we share nourishing recipes to help you include a bigger variety of plants in your diet, and inspire you with new and delicious ways to eat more plants. 


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