Many champagnes and cocktails to cheer in the New Year, extreme carb-loading in the name of not letting Christmas leftovers go to waste, and finishing all those boxes of chocolate gifted from relatives is enough to send anyone deep into a food coma after the holiday season. You’re most likely reading this because let’s be honest, you’re feeling a little more mashed potato than skinny fry, a little more Shrek than Cinderella, and a little more sad saggy underwear than sassy panties and the hope of cleansing away the holiday season’s dietary sins is probably on your mind.

Every so often, we get ourselves into a cycle of overindulgence and start feeling a bit slothful. And never is this feeling more common and universally felt than right after the Christmas and New Year holidays. It’s no wonder that more people join a gym and start a diet in January than any other month!

We have designed this Wholefood Cleanse Guide to give you real, healthy and achievable nutritionist and naturopath approved advice and recipes to kick start your cleanse, get you feeling back on top of your game, and set you up for a clean and healthy year.

The human body has been cleverly designed to cleanse itself with organs like the liver, skin, lungs and kidneys, and systems like the lymphatic, cardiovascular and digestive systems to name a few. These organs and body systems do an amazing job at keeping our internal environment relatively stable whilst we throw a huge variety of challenging environmental factors at it. However, these systems can become overwhelmed, especially during holiday season, and then our energy, vitality, mental clarity, immune function and general health can be affected.

This cleanse guide is designed to support your body while it catches up with the backlog of over indulgence, by providing clean energy, fibre and a wide variety of nutrients that are essential to good health. These tips, which are designed to support your body during a cleanse, are useful bits of advice to also incorporate into everyday life, so although a “cleanse” might be short term, we hope it will help you build some great long-term habits too.

There's over 50 pages of holistic Nutritionist & Naturopath advice and recipes, so you can be sure you will be fuelling your body with the best wholefoods to help you cleanse your way to better health and wellbeing in 2019.






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