Bone broth has been used for centuries to support immunity, gut, bones, glowing skin and so much more. Bone broth, believe it or not, isn’t a new fad or trend, bone broth has been around for centur...

Bone broth has been used for centuries to support immunity, gut, bones, glowing skin and so much more. Bone broth, believe it or not, isn’t a new fad or trend, bone broth has been around for centuries and was traditionally used in Chinese Medicine and said to strengthen kidneys and support digestive health and is often referred to as 'liquid gold'. However, the original bone broth drinkers were the Hunter-Gatherers who would use the entire animal to make stews (including the bones), waste not when you worked so physically hard for your dinner right? Experts say that for Hunter-Gatherers, throwing away a part of an animal was unthinkable, so yep, guts, skin, bones and all was the OG bone broth.

In more recent times, bone broth has come into the spotlight again and is used by the likes of athletes, celebrities and wellness gurus around the world for its many benefits. While there may be so many wellness fads and trends that come and go with loads of hype and little effect, the bone broth trend is here to stay with actual benefits, nutrition and research surrounding this age-old cooking method for nutrient extraction. Our Broth Powders and Beef Bone Broth Concentrates are a nutritious alternative to homemade broth - because ain't nobody got time for 24 hours of slow cooking!

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While the many numerous bone broth benefits haven’t changed, the method of cooking and extracting nutrients certainly has. Can you imagine using an animal’s body or carcass as a pot and dropping hot stones in to heat the water up? Yikes, and yet this is what the Hunter-Gatherers would do, and I’m sure it makes you pretty darn grateful for the invention of stoves and pots right about now.

When the stove came onto the scene, so too did gas and electricity bills, so as you can imagine, using a stove for 8 hours at home can be a time-consuming and expensive operation. This is where dehydrated cubes and stocks came into play. Unlike many dehydrated stocks or powdered broths, our powdered broths are dried using a unique method called refractance drying, which is a gentle drying method that allows for the highest quality of nutrition, flavour and colour. Our bone broth concentrates are cooked over hours and hours and are naturally nourishing with over 40% collagen protein and zinc to support immunity & gut wellbeing. Flavour-packed and ready to enhance your cooking, or delicious on its own as a drink, our concentrates won't be beaten on flavour & nutritional benefits. 

During the 1800s some really clever people started to take the gelatin from bone broth, however, it wasn’t the gelatin in a powder form (like Natural Gelatin) as you know it, it was gelatinous and an extremely time-consuming process to purify the gelatin as many used it in desserts, so getting rid of the meaty flavour was a must. 

The difference between bone broth and gelatin is the flavour and usage. Gelatin has the same amino acid profile as bone broth but has no flavour, making it great for sweet treats and gummies. Whereas our bone broth powders and concentrates, (as well as vegetable broth powders) contain wholefood zinc and B vitamins for added gut and immunity support. 

If you’ve been on the hunt (thank goodness we don’t have to literally hunt right?) for grass-fed bone broth made with Australian beef bones, then your search is finally over. Nutra Organics Bone Broth Concentrates, Bone Broth Powders and Vegetable Broth Powders are here to bring gut and immunity support whilst naturally nourishing your meals, soups, stews and gravies


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