New Marine Collagen powder that’s certified sustainable? Shell yes we did! We’re proud to present to you Marine Collagen Beauty. Nutra Organics has long been on the hunt for a high quality, sustain...

New Marine Collagen powder that’s certified sustainable? Shell yes we did! We’re proud to present to you Marine Collagen Beauty. Nutra Organics has long been on the hunt for a high quality, sustainable marine collagen option that aligns with our ethos and product standards. We’ve finally found the best marine collagen powder for both quality and sustainability (certified by Friend of The Sea). You can upgrade your Collagen Beauty experience and reap the marine collagen benefits - reduce skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines, increase elasticity, support healthy hair and nails, promote skin healing and antioxidant protection. Plus the added goodness of vitamin C and zinc from wholefoods, silica from bamboo stem extract and potent sea algae to help your body absorb the glowing benefits of marine collagen powder.


What is Marine Collagen Powder?

Marine collagen, more specifically NATICOL® Marine Collagen, is a premium upcycled collagen sourced from the sea. Marine collagen is sourced and extracted from the skins and scales of fish. Naticol®’s efficacy is proven by scientific studies conducted in different areas: skin beauty, musculoskeletal condition, weight management and much more. Scientific studies conducted by French universities showed that Naticol® is highly bioavailable, meaning our body can absorb and use the collagen. Results showed a 20% decrease in facial skin fatigue after 8 weeks of use.

There are countless studies on marine powder collagen benefits, in fact, the efficacy of collagen peptides have been so thoroughly researched that it is now considered "textbook knowledge" that collagen peptides are beneficial for skin health. So does marine collagen actually work? You bet your glowing smooth skin it does!

The benefits of Marine Collagen Beauty and our original Collagen Beauty are exactly the same. However, the new Marine Collagen Beauty contains slightly different ingredients and also has added sea algae, (mekabu spore from Wakame) grown in Tasmania and contains a super magical compound called Fucoidan. Well, the entire product is pretty darn magical actually, right down to the sustainable packaging.


The Key Benefits of Marine Collagen Beauty

Let’s dive into the key Marine Collagen Beauty benefits, you’re glowing to love them!

 Reduce skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines
Collagen networks beneath the skin are what supports skin structure and keeps it looking smooth and youthful. By supporting collagen production, you are supporting smooth youthful looking skin from within.

 Increase skin hydration and improve moisture levels
A strong collagen network helps to improve barrier function of the skin and slow transepidermal water loss. Keeping your skin better hydrated and looking fresh.

 Increase skin elasticity
Healthy, hydrated skin is essential for skin elasticity. With a stronger network of collagen supporting your skin, elasticity also improves.

 Antioxidant protection
Fucoidan, Vitamin C and Zinc all have powerful antioxidant properties. Free radical damage is a big player in collagen degeneration, so antioxidants are an essential part of promoting and protecting skin health and quality.

  Support healthy hair and nails
Your hair and nails are predominantly made of Keratin. Zinc is an essential component in the synthesis of keratin and it also has a very similar molecular structure to collagen, so including collagen in your diet helps to support the growth of healthy hair and nails.

 Promote skin healing
Zinc is an essential component in skin and wound healing and collagen provides the building blocks needed for skin to heal.

 Support gut wellbeing
Collagen contains a great amount of beneficial amino acids like glycine, glutamine and proline, which support the lining of the intestinal tract as well as the stomach. Gut lining is also made up of connective tissue, and collagen and vitamin C are known to support connective tissue, which also means supporting the gut lining.

Is Marine Collagen Safe During Pregnancy?

You bet ya baby (pun intended)! Marine Collagen Beauty is not only safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it can also be beneficial during this time. Marine collagen powder provides a great source of protein, vitamin C and zinc. Generally speaking, your nutritional requirements are higher during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so including high quality sources of amino acids, and other nutrients is always a great idea. More specifically, your skin is one of the organs that is put under a lot of pressure during pregnancy and the postnatal period. So supporting your skin as much as possible during this time is also a great idea. Our Collagen Beauty has hundreds of reviews specifically related to postnatal support.

How To Use Our New Marine Collagen Powder

Simply mix 6 grams (2 heaped teaspoons) into any liquid of choice. Marine Collagen Beauty is a super versatile, odourless, flavourless powder, so you can virtually put it in almost anything. Coffees, yoghurts, soups, smoothies and baking are the usual suspects you’ll find in our collagen recipes and the easiest ones we sneak our daily glow dose into.

 Marine Collagen Beauty mixed into water

Why Did Nutra Organics Set Out to Create the Best Marine Collagen?

For years, the team at Nutra Organics have searched the globe (literally) for a source of sustainable marine collagen with no luck, but we have been continually asked to make a Marine Collagen Beauty as an alternative to bovine collagen powder.

Ricki Harrison, Nutra Organics COO commented, “our unwavering commitment and care about the planet and our customers meant we would simply have to wait until this product was able to be done in a sustainable way. Good things come to those who wait, because we finally found what we were looking for - an 'upcycled' marine collagen made in France from basically a waste material. We were so excited to trial the raw material and we have put it through our rigorous testing. It passed with flying colours and Marine Collagen Beauty was born."

Discover Nutra Organics New Marine Collagen Beauty!

You can purchase the new Marine Collagen Beauty online TOMORROW!

Launching: 8 February, 8am AEDT

Hot tip, you can save 15% when you subscribe, meaning your results won’t be impacted by running out, remember, consistency is key! You can also explore the entire Collagen & Gelatin range online too, or read about finding the right collagen for you. Any further questions you may have about the new Marine Collagen Beauty can be answered by our nutritionists and customer service team who love to chat about all things health, wellness and that Beyonce glowing skin (okay, just Beyonce in general).

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