It’s no secret that kids love a sweet treat, so creating kids vitamin gummies is an absolute winner when it comes to finding a healthy, quick, easy and nutritious snack. The best part about Gutsy G...

It’s no secret that kids love a sweet treat, so creating kids vitamin gummies is an absolute winner when it comes to finding a healthy, quick, easy and nutritious snack. The best part about Gutsy Gummies is they contain wholefood vitamin C - vitamin gummies can be the best way to sneak nutrition into your kid’s and family’s diet.

Creating a Gutsy Gummies recipe allows your kids to consume a fun, low sugar snack to nourish and support their gut wellbeing and so much more. So if you’ve been searching for protein gummies, gut gummies or vitamin gummies, the search is over - Gutsy Gummies is all three in one and is great for the whole family, because hey, kids aren’t the only ones with a sweet tooth right? We’re totally guilty over here! 

These gut gummies are super tasty and are a super nutritious alternative to sugar-laden jellies and artificial gummies. Let’s dive into the more specific benefits of our vitamin gummies for your family. 

3 gutsy gummy flavours with fruit & girl eating multivitamin gummies

Support Muscles with Protein Gummies

Creating protein gummies is easy with Gutsy Gummies! Packed with protein thanks to the Australian grass-fed gelatin that provides a pure source of protein to support muscles and build tissue. Protein is an essential part of kids' growth and development and is a part of every cell in the body; making it super duper important for kids and adults alike. Along with building tissue and supporting muscles, protein also supports skin, hair, nails and a healthy immune system.  Protein gummies are a great snack to keep everyone in the family feeling fuller for longer, so you can say goodbye to the kids needing a new snack every half an hour, ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Gut Gummies for Overall Nutrient Absorption 

Our gut gummies are a wonderful treat for gut support, all thanks to the clever combination of Australian grass-fed gelatin and vitamin C.  The gelatin in our gut gummies is not only a high-quality protein, but also contains the amino acid L-glutamine, which feeds the cells lining the gut, helping them to create a strong surface and healthy lining. Our gut gummies are suitable for the whole family, even for tiny tummies. 

A lack of the right nutrients can lead to upset tummies and poor gut health, and a child’s gut health and microbiome are formed in the first four years, after which time it can be impacted by nutrition, diet and other lifestyle factors. A healthy gut for kids (and adults alike) contributes to some super important areas like immunity, mood, digestion, nutrient absorption, sleep, brain health, heart health and skin health. Maintaining gut wellbeing has a positive roll-on effect on these important areas of whole body wellbeing. 

Vitamin C in our gut gummies also supports growth, development and repair of all tissues and is great for collagen production, which is essential in connective tissue found in the gut lining. Vitamin C in our vitamin gummies is also involved in the absorption of iron, a healthy functioning immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C gummies have never tasted so delicious thanks to the three fabulously fresh flavours of Gutsy Gummies.  

Mango gutsy gummy flavour with orange multivitamin gummies

Create an Easy, Low Sugar Snack with Vitamin Gummies 

In three delicious flavours of Mango, Blueberry and Strawberry; the gutsy gummies completely fit the mold (pun intended) when it comes to delicious and nutritious vitamin gummies, protein gummies, gut gummies and gummies for kids. 

Gutsy Gummies are a naturally delicious, low sugar snack that is an easy, fun & nutritious alternative to sugar-laden jellies and artificial gummies. It’s oh so easy to make your kids vitamin gummies as a snack in no time at all with Gutsy Gummies, just add water! You can breathe a sigh of relief that their snacks are actually good for them and are free from artificial nasties, gluten and refined sugar. Kids vitamin gummies - that’s what we call smart snacking right there! 

Ready to make our gut gummies even more exciting for kids? Our silicone Gummy Molds turn your new favourite healthy kids snack into fun fruit-shaped gummies ready to put the ‘zing’ in amazing.

3 gutsy gummy flavours with molds

Our Gummies Recipe Collection 

Our gut gummies recipe collection is filled with fun recipes for the whole family to enjoy! Many of these nutritious vitamin gummies recipes have been supercharged with some of the Kids Superfood Powders like Veggie Hero, Berry Immune, Captain Calm, Choc Whiz or our best selling wholefood multivitamin Super Greens + Reds. Our crowd favourite gut gummies recipes are Fruit Salad Jelly Cups, Homemade Vitamin Gummies and Strawberries & Cream Gummies.  Mix it up and try a new recipe every week, or hey, if you know what you like, stick with your gut-gummies instincts. 

Gutsy Gummies recipes - beach jelly cups & fruit tingle gummies

Vitamin Gummies by Nutra Organics 

Our vitamin gummies range consists of three delicious flavours of Gutsy Gummies - Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango. Alternatively, if you find yourself with more time on your hands, firstly please tell us how, secondly, you can make your protein gummies and gut gummies from scratch with a base of our Natural Gelatin. Keep in mind however that the extra vitamin C won’t be inside, not to fear though, you can add Berry Immune to turn it into a vitamin gummy, or alternatively add any kids superfoods powder to boost your gut gummies with nutritional benefits for the whole family. 



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