Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Organic Brown Rice Syrup


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Nutra Organics Brown Rice Syrup contains complex carbohydrates, maltose and a small amount of glucose, providing the body with a steady supply of energy. Brown Rice Syrup is fructose free which makes it suitable for the low FODMAP diet.

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Nutra Organics products are bottled in Certified Organic Facilities. No chemical refining, and nothing artificial added, just pure wholefood goodness. Organic Brown Rice Syrup is made from fermented GMO-FREE cooked rice. A blend of complex carbs, maltose and glucose. It is 100 % fructose free, our favourite choice for a sweet alternative.

Certified Organic Brown Rice

Serving Size - 10 ml 

Servings approx - 50

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per serving 

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per 100 ml








121 kJ

0.4 g

0.0 g

0.0 g

6.8 g

5.4 g

0 mg

1210 kJ

3.7 g

0.0 g

0.0 g

67.5 g

54.0 g

0 mg

Product of Pakistan

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Use our Organic Brown Rice Syrup in your cooking as a substitute for sugar. It is a great binder due to its sticky texture. Use as a delicious spread without the sugar rush.

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