Super Greens + Reds

Super Greens + Reds



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300 g - $74.95

600 g - $134.95

1 kg - $184.95*

A wholefood blend of 23 nourishing greens & reds to support immunity, gut wellbeing, energy, acid-alkaline balance, antioxidant protection^ and more.

*Please note - 1kg is excluded from 10% wholesale discount

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With 18 vitamins & minerals from all natural sources, including vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, Super Greens + Reds is the all-in-one wellness elixir that gives your body everything it needs to feel your best.

Plus, with a synbiotic blend containing prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health^, plant protein and a restorative & cleansing herbal blend, Super Greens + Reds is the most comprehensive, potent & bioavailable multivitamin formula using only natural wholefood sources.

No synthetic ingredients. Naturally sweetened and pleasant tasting. Sustainable plastic free packaging. Suitable for the whole family including pregnant & breastfeeding women and kids from 12 months +.

When consumed in conjunction with a healthy, varied diet, Super Greens + Reds helps to support:

- Immunity^

- Gut Wellbeing^

- Energy^

- Antioxidant Protection^

- Alkalising Minerals^

- Cognitive Function^

- Family Friendly

- Vegan & Gluten Free

Super Greens (27 %) [Spirulina*, Australian Alfalfa*, Australian Kale*, Chlorella*, Australian Broccoli*, Australian Spinach*, Tasmanian Kelp*], Super Reds (20 %) [Blueberry, Açai*, Raspberry, Strawberry*, Pomegranate, Beetroot*, Goji*, Acerola Extract*, Sea Buckthorn, Queen Garnet Plum, Tomato*], Sprouted & Fermented Golden Pea Protein*, Synbiotic Blend [Prebiotics: Inulin*, Apple Pectin, Green Banana Starch*, Probiotic: BC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6068)], Aquamin Marine Minerals (Arctic Sea Algae* & Salt), Sunflower Extract, Pineapple, Lemon, Flaxseed*, Apple*, Maca Blend (Yellow*, Red*, Black*), Natural Plant Based Flavours, Restorative & Cleansing Botanicals (St. Mary’s Thistle*, Horsetail*, Gotu Kola*, Licorice Root*, Marshmallow Root*, Lemon Balm*, Dandelion Leaf*, Ginger Root*, Ashwagandha*, Aloe Vera Leaf*, Panax Ginseng*), Wholefood Vitamin & Mineral Extracts [Broccoli*, Spinach*, Kale*, Pumpkin*, Sweet Potato*, Sunflower Seeds*, Cranberry*, Chlorella*, Adaptogenic Mushrooms (Maitake Mushroom*, Shiitake Mushroom*)], Camu Camu*, Digestive Enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase), Mesquite*, Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin).

Certified Organic Ingredients.

Allergen warning:

Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk, gluten, egg, soy, sesame, lupin, fish, crustacean, mollusc and tree nuts.




Sachet Box - 9 g x 10

150 g - 16

300 g - 33

600 g - 66

1 kg - 111



































137 kJ

2.2 g


0.6 g

0.2 g

4.6 g

0.8 g

1.0 g

33 mg

171 mg (21 % RDI)

15.6 mcg (10 % RDI)

3.3 mg (28 % RDI)

61.6 mg (19 % RDI)

84.6 mg

1.2 mg (10 % RDI)

99.4 mcg (13 % RDI)

0.1 mg (11 % RDI)

1.7 mg (17 % RDI)

0.5 mg (10 % RDI)

0.2 mg (11 % RDI)

3.1 mcg (10 % RDI)

41.5 mcg (21 % RDI)

1.6 mcg (82 % RDI)

9.4 mg (24 % RDI)

2.1 mcg (21 % RDI)

1.6 mg (16 % RDI)

12.5 mcg (16 % RDI)

18.6 mg 

137 mg 

1 Billion CFU

 35.1 mg

1520 kJ

24.5 g


6.5 g

1.7 g

50.6 g

8.6 g

11.6 g

370 mg

1900 mg

173 mcg

37.1 mg

684 mg

940 mg

13.6 mg

1100 mcg

1.4 mg

18.5 mg

5.8 mg

2.0 mg

34.6 mcg

461 mcg

18.2 mcg

105 mg

23.1 mcg

17.3 mg

138 mcg

207 mg

1530 mg

11 Billion CFU

 390 mg

Percentage Recommended Dietary Intakes. 


Add 3 teaspoons (9 g) to:
- Water, juice, or smoothies
- Foods, such as bliss balls, chia puddings and clean treats

Is it pregnancy & breastfeeding friendly?

Yes! This is one of the biggest differences between our previous Super Greens + Reds formula and this one. 

Our previous recipe was created in 2010, and at the time we were using the best quality and most innovative food ingredients available on the market. Considering that this recipe was created 11 years ago, in order to fortify our product with micronutrients, we added some non natural sources of vitamins, as no other feasible options were available at the time. This consequently transformed our product into a Formulated Supplementary Sports Food (FSSF) and for that reason, not suitable for children under 15 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women.  

Our new & improved Super Greens + Reds recipe has only natural sources of vitamins and minerals making it suitable for the whole family including children under 15 years of age,  pregnant or breastfeeding women.  

In saying this, we do advise on all our products to seek advice from your primary health care professional before taking our products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. We only say so as we believe that every pregnancy is different, taking a toll differently on each individual body in vitamin, mineral and energy levels.

We invite you to research the product to ensure that you are not sensitive to any particular ingredients.


Are the vitamins and minerals natural or synthetic?

The vitamins and minerals are all natural. We are using an amazing organic concentrated superfood blend made from broccoli, spinach, kale, pumpkin, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, cranberry, chlorella, maitake mushroom and shiitake mushroom which provides a huge range of vitamins and minerals, naturally.

Is Super Greens + Reds vegan?

Yes it is! There are no animal derived ingredients in our formula.


Is Super Greens + Reds gluten free? Why have we removed barley and wheat grass?

Yes! The previous formula and the new one are both gluten free.

However we have decided to remove barley and wheat grasses from our new formula as our supplier could no longer guarantee that these 2 ingredients were gluten free.
This is because barley and wheat grains naturally contain gluten, but the grasses are completely gluten free. Although it is possible to harvest the grasses without gluten cross contamination it can not be guaranteed with every batch, so we have decided to remove both ingredients from our formula to ensure it is 100% safe for our consumers, as we value transparency and prioritise our customers' safety. 

Have you changed any of the super greens?

Yes. We have sourced even better super greens. This time, all super greens are organic and whenever possible sourced from local suppliers. At Nutra Organics, we always try to support local businesses and this was one of our main priorities when sourcing our ingredients. Now we have 5 Australian Super Greens: Alfalfa, Kale, Broccoli, Spinach and Kelp!
See the super greens differences between the previous and new formulation: 


Previous Formula 

(not in weight order)

New Formula - ALL Organic
(in weight order)


Organic Spirulina

Organic Alfalfa

Organic Australian Alfalfa

Organic Kale

Organic Australian Kale


Organic Chlorella

Barley Grass

Replaced with:
Organic Australian Broccoli

Organic Wheat Grass

Replaced with:

Organic Australian Spinach

Organic Kelp

Organic Australian (Tasmanian) Kelp 

Do Matcha Green Tea

Replaced with:
Organic E3AFA Aquabotanical Algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae*)

Green Coffee Extract

Removed: We wanted this formula to be family friendly and caffeine free 

Have you changed any of the super reds?

Yes. We have sourced even better super reds. Whenever possible we source our ingredients as organic and from local suppliers.
See the super reds differences between the previous and new formulation: 


Previous Formula
(no in weight order)

New Formula 

(in weight order)



Organic Acai

Organic Acai 


Replaced with:

Organic Maqui 

Replaced with:
Organic Strawberry

Organic Pomegranate



Replaced with:

Organic Blackberry


Organic Beetroot

Organic Goji

Organic Goji

Acerola Berry

Organic Acerola Extract 

Organic Camu Camu

Replaced with:
Sea Buckthorn

Organic Rosehip

Replaced with:
Australian Queen Garnet Plum 

Organic Bilberry

Replaced with:
Organic Australian Tomato 


What is Ganaden BC 30?

Ganeden is just the most famous probiotic strain (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6068) on the market! Ganeden is a patented, award-winning branded probiotic. It is well researched and has several published articles which demonstrate it’s health benefits, including: digestive support, immune support, protein utilization. It is a spore forming probiotic that is able to survive higher temperatures, oxygen exposure, and the low pH of your stomach meaning it is still alive when it enters your gut and will be fully effective.


What do you mean by synbiotic blend?

In the science world, when prebiotics are combined with probiotics we have a synbiotic product. According to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP), the definition of synbiotic is: “A mixture, comprising live microorganisms and substrate(s) selectively utilized by host microorganisms, that confers a health benefit on the host.”

In our product label you can read on our ingredients list the following:
Synbiotic Blend [Prebiotics: Inulin*, Apple Pectin, Green Banana Starch*, Probiotic: GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6068)]. Which means that we have added 3 prebiotic fibres and the best probiotic strain in the universe.


What does Super Green + Reds taste like?

It’s the best tasting greens on the market (considering its brilliant ingredients list). Even though we have powerful super greens and reds, together they deliver a mixed taste of sweet greens with a tangy pleasant zing. Also we have added natural plant based flavours and a natural sweetener to enhance the taste. 

Are the flavours natural? 

Yes! We use premium plant based flavours that are created using only natural processing methods such as heating, fermenting and pressing. There is nothing artificial in our Super Greens + Reds.


Does this product contain caffeine?

Not anymore! Our previous formula contained matcha green tea and green coffee extract, which contained caffeine. However we have removed these 2 ingredients from our new blend, making it caffeine free. 


What is E3 AFA (Aphanizonmenon Flos-Aquae)?

Our E3 AFA is an Aquabotanical algae or cyanobacteria (similar to spirulina) that grows exclusively on the pristine lake Klamath in Oregon, USA. This unique ingredient is naturally rich in vitamin B12 and beta-carotene (vitamin A) and naturally contains a large concentration of chlorophyll and phycocyanin (the same antioxidant naturally found in spirulina). AFA is considered to be the most potent of the superfood algae’s and is suitable for all consumers but may be of particular benefit to vegan or vegetarian consumers wanting a suitable source of vitamin B12.


What is Blue Majik?

Our Blue Majik is a trademarked blue spirulina also grown in the USA. The reason our blue spirulina is so special is due to its careful processing that preserves all of the vital nutrients and phytochemical compounds. Many blue spirulina products can be poor quality, cut with maltodextrin and processed with chemicals for extraction. We’re proud to utilise this pure ingredient that only undergoes a water extraction method (similar to swiss water processing of coffee beans) and is naturally rich in chlorophyll, phycocyanin, B12 and Beta Carotene.


What's so good about antioxidants?

Antioxidants provide a multitude of health benefits by providing protection to cells from free radical damage. This is important to help enable cells to function at their optimum and reduce the likelihood of dysfunction across a multitude of systems. Our Super Greens + Reds has been tested for its antioxidant potency using an ORAC test (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) and has demonstrated a very high antioxidant capacity, even when compared to other high antioxidant foods. 

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