Looking for breakfast ideas for kids? You’re in the right place! A healthy kids’ breakfast is one of the best ways to set a child up for a successful day ahead. However, creating a healthy breakfas...

Looking for breakfast ideas for kids? You’re in the right place! A healthy kids’ breakfast is one of the best ways to set a child up for a successful day ahead. However, creating a healthy breakfast for kids can be tricky sometimes, especially when the little ones have fussy tastebuds right!? Here at Nutra Organics, we firmly believe that every child should be able to have a healthy back-to-school breakfast; one that doesn’t take hours of preparation for parents. We believe a healthy breakfast for kids really can bring peace of mind to parents, knowing their kids are getting a nutritional start to the day. So get ready to sigh with relief, we’ve got some amazing breakfast ideas for kids that will love them as much they love their healthy breakfast! 

Thanks to Nutra Organics Superfoods for Kids and our breakfast superstar Brekkie Hero, healthy breakfast for kids is not only doable, but delicious and easy! We’ll show you some easy and nutritious breakfast ideas for kids and back-to-school lunch ideas that will have your kids thriving and jiving at school. 

Why is a Healthy Kids Breakfast Important?

A healthy breakfast for kids is super important for a few key reasons that benefit children in many ways. Studies have shown that kids who eat a healthy balanced breakfast tend to eat healthier overall, maintain a healthy body weight, have greater concentration and memory, improve problem-solving skills, have more energy to play and get more exercise and movement in. 

A healthy breakfast for kids also gives the little munckin’s bodies the fuel they need for the day; kickstarting their metabolism and preventing energy slumps. Making sure your child has a healthy breakfast also helps to prevent restlessness, irritability, and a short attention span. 

“Building healthy habits into a child, like a healthy kids breakfast, can really set them up for success, not only for the school day ahead but for a future of healthy decision making.” - Lisa Baker, Nutra Organics Food Technologist

Healthy Breakfast For Kids - Brekkie Hero & kids with corn flakes

Breakfast Ideas for Kids

You could say that we’re kind of show-offs when it comes to our breakfast recipes for kids here at Nutra Organics, especially healthy kid's breakfasts that contain superfoods and our delicious Brekkie Hero.

Recipe 1 - French Toast with Brekkie Hero Chia Jam

This healthy breakfast for kids is a great start to the day with healthy carbohydrates, good fats and protein for fuel. Traditional jams usually have an incredible and terrifying amount of refined sugars present, this jam not only cuts out the high sugar content, but actually has loads of benefits thanks to real fresh fruit, chia seeds and Brekkie Hero which contains 18 bioavailable vitamins and minerals that the family won’t even know are there! Try this recipe

Breakfast ideas for kids - french toast with brekkie hero

Recipe 2 - Pink Overnight Oats

This one is another delicious and balanced healthy breakfast for kids that’s super easy for a get-up-and-go breakfast or cook on the stove for a warming berry-licious option. Versatile, and t-oat-ally easy, these Pink Overnight Oats are bursting with nutrition thanks to the addition of Brekkie Hero with 14 fruits, veggies and greens containing 18 bioavailable vitamins & minerals from pure, organic wholefoods, including vitamins A, C, D, E, B vitamins, zinc, folate & iodine. 

Breakfast ideas for kids - pink overnight oats

Recipe 3 - Fluffy Strawberry & Cream Pancakes

Nothing quite stacks up to these Fluffy Strawberry Pancakes! This breakfast for kids is a sweet start to the day that sets you and your family up to thrive thanks to Thriving Family and Brekkie Hero. With 14 fruits and veggies and greens inside Brekkie Hero and 17 vitamins and minerals inside Thriving Family, hiding essential nutrients and vitamins has never been so pancake-flippin’ easy!

Healthy Breakfast ideas for kids -  Fluffy Pancakes

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Stuck for healthy back-to-school lunch ideas for kids? We’ve got plenty of healthy recipe ideas for kids that will get the kids from their lunch break to the end of the school day with a pep in their step thanks to wholefood nutrition. 

Recipe 1 - Very Veggie Sausage Rolls 

Ready, set, let’s roll! Bring a snack-tastic favourite to the kids’ lunchbox with these Very Veggie Sausage Rolls. Packed with extra goodness of carrots, pumpkin and chickpeas we’ve added in. And, everyone’s mealtime saviour, Veggie Hero; squeezing in Vitamins A, C, D, E, B Vitamins, Zinc, Folate & Iodine, all from wholefood sources. These super tasty rolls are a fun way to sneak in some extra veggies to a kids’ party classic.

Very Veggie Sausage Rolls - healthy lunch ideas for kids

Recipe 2 - Very Veggie Fritters

These Very Veggie Fritters are perfect for kids and the whole family to enjoy. With the addition of Vegetable Broth Garden Herb and Veggie Hero, you can sleep soundly knowing your kids have eaten their fill of nutritious vegetables. Freeze them up between layers of baking paper and pull them out for the lunchbox or when you or the kids need a healthy nutritional snack or some extra veggie lovin’. 

Very Veggie Fritters - Healthy Lunch Ideas for kids

Recipe 3 - Egg & Feta Baby Quiche 

Meet the perfect lunchbox treat, or easy breakfast when you’re running out the door with school shoes and socks in hand. These Baby Egg & Fetta Quiche's are the perfect make-ahead hunger buster that are so easy to throw together and store in the fridge, ready to go whenever you are. With Veggie Hero, protein, good fats and carbs, this balanced breakfast or lunchbox idea is a clear winner for kids’ nutritional needs. 

Baby Quiche - healthy lunch ideas for kids

Adding Extra Nutrients To Your Kids’ Day

Adding extra nutrients to healthy kids’ breakfast and into your kid’s daily diet is oh so easy and delicious thanks to Brekkie Hero! Brekkie Hero can be added to any bland or nutrient-void cereal for a nutritional transformation. It can also be added to the likes of oats, smoothies or spreads on toast for a boost of 14 fruits, veggies and greens designed for kids’ taste buds and parents’ peace of mind that easily boosts breakfasts. Brekkie Hero contains 18 bioavailable vitamins & minerals from pure, organic whole foods, including vitamins A, C, D, E, B vitamins, zinc, folate & iodine. 

With a gentle fruity flavour, this breakfast addition sets your kids up for a fruity, fresh and fab start to the day, as well as supporting the kid’s immunity, growth and development, daily wellbeing and fruit and veggie intake. Brekkie Hero expands the horizons when it comes to healthy breakfast ideas for kids. 

Creating a Healthy Breakfast for Kids with Brekkie Hero! 

Even if your fussy eater will only eat bland or nutrient-void cereals, Brekkie Hero upgrades any ordinary breakfast with yummy superfoods, so you can ensure your little one has a better start to their day. Setting your kids up for success in their day and at school has never been so tasty and easy - simply sprinkle the magic that is Brekkie Hero on your kids’ food for a healthy kids’ breakfast that will put a smile on their dial and support their wellbeing for a great day at school! 

Check out our Brekkie Hero and our entire range of Kids’ Superfoods that are ready to transform kids’ foods and boost their wellbeing every day with wholefood nutrition designed for kids’ tastebuds and parents’ peace of mind! 

Healthy kids breakfast - nutra organics range


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