On a quest to find the best collagen powder? When it comes to collagen products, there’s many different types of collagen available, and not all collagen is created equal. Some products contain spe...

On a quest to find the best collagen powder? When it comes to collagen products, there’s many different types of collagen available, and not all collagen is created equal. Some products contain specific collagen for hair, skin and nails, others for collagen muscle growth or collagen for bones, and then what about a collagen for pregnancy? It can be overwhelming and daunting, we hear you, and we’re here to guide you into the best collagen powder that’s right for you and your specific needs. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the benefits of collagen, which types are the best collagen and what the difference is between our collagen products, it’s best to begin with an understanding of what collagen actually is. Already know your collagen facts? Scroll down to view our collagen products and find the best collagen powder for you!

So, What Are The Benefits of Taking Collagen Powder? 

There are many benefits of collagen powder and many wonderful reasons to take the best collagen powder for your specific needs daily! Collagen is the main structural protein found in connective tissue (which is one of the 4 basic tissue types found in all animals and humans). Collagen is basically the glue that holds our skin, bones, muscles and connective tissue together, so yes, collagen for hair, skin and nails is an absolute winner! As we age, our collagen production slows down, rude right? Contributing to wrinkling, sagging, dry skin, dull hair, weak nails, brittle bones and a loss of muscle mass. So collagen powder for skin is a great benefit, but collagen for gut health, collagen for muscle growth and collagen for bones support are also wonderful benefits of taking collagen powder. 

How is Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty Different? 

What makes our collagen powders the best collagen powders you ask? The way that collagen fibres are broken down affects the size of the protein peptide chains and the sequence of amino acids in each peptide chain. There are 16 different types of collagen found in humans and animals, and Types I and III have the greatest impact on skin, bones and muscles. The main difference between our collagens is the Bioactive Collagen Peptides (smaller collagen peptide chains) found in each one, which target collagen formation in specific areas of the body.

Further, the unique collagen peptides in our three collagens have all been researched through randomised, double blind, placebo controlled studies, and they are the only specialised, bioavailable collagen peptides on the market. 96% of people who took Collagen Beauty noticed a difference - that’s some good odds right there! 

So our biggest differences are the types of collagen, and how the collagen fibres have been broken down, along with the wholefood synbiotic ingredients added that further enhance the benefits of collagen powder. No fillers to bulk up the product, no artificial additives, and no cheap ingredients. Only the most pure, premium, bioavailable ingredients that actually do what they claim. The specific ingredients in our collagens and Collagen Beauty makes all the difference when choosing the best collagen powder possible and the best collagen powder for you! With this in mind, find the heading below that aligns with your main concern to learn more about the specific benefits of collagen powder.

Choosing A Collagen Powder for Your Needs 

Although collagen isn’t a one-stop-shop, it can in fact meet a lot of your needs when it comes to collagen for gut health, bones, muscle growth and collagen for hair, skin and nails. Here at Nutra Organics, we created the best collagen powder blends for these specific and diverse needs and benefits. 

The Best Collagen Powder for Skin

Collagen helps in supporting our skin, as we age and that precious collagen production starts to slow down, adding the best collagen for skin support is a great way to smooth fine lines, reduce wrinkles, increase skin hydration, improve skin elasticity and improve the structural integrity of skin over the entire body. 

The best collagen for skin support is Collagen Beauty. Every 12g serve of Collagen Beauty contains 2.5g of Verisol® Collagen Peptides, as this is the specific dose that has been found to be effective in studies. We have also included wholefood sources of vitamin C, zinc and silica which help with the structure and function of connective tissue, promote healing, support gut health (because healthy skin starts from within), further support collagen formation, and support healthy hair and nails. The rest of Collagen Beauty is made up of more hydrolysed collagen! This provides a good source of protein, and plenty of building blocks for more collagen synthesis, it truly is the best collagen for skin support! 

Our Collagen Beauty range comes in unflavoured, Marine Collagen Beauty, Collagen Beauty flavoured, (Watermelon Strawberry, Tropical, Blueberry Wildflower and Lemon Lime) and Collagen Beauty flavours for coffee (Caramel & Vanilla). It dissolves into any hot or cold liquid and they are all pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child friendly for 12 months+. 93% of people who tried Collagen Beauty noticed a difference in their skin!

Collagen for Gut Health

Collagen is a great support for gut health wellbeing.  Collagen is not only a high-quality protein, but it also contains the amino acid L-glutamine which feeds the cells lining the gut, helping them to create a strong surface and healthy lining. The best collagen for gut health is Collagen Beauty, simply for the added wholefood ingredients that further support gut wellbeing - wholefood vitamin C, zinc and silica are wonderful gut health supporters. That being said, the benefits of collagen for gut wellbeing can be found in each of our collagens, so you can reap the benefits of collagen powder for gut wellbeing no matter your choice. 76% of people who tried Collagen Beauty noticed a difference in their gut health. 

Collagen for Bones

Bone strength is vital for supporting your body, muscles and protecting your organs, brain and heart, so yeah, pretty important right? The best collagen powder for bones is our Collagen Body. 

Collagen Body contains the specialised bioactive peptides called FORTIGEL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, vitamin D and 100% RDI of calcium to support bone strength and structure. Our collagen for bones helps in supporting and enhancing bone mineral density, supporting gut wellness, supporting & building tissues, reducing risk of osteoporotic fracture, regulation of digestive enzymes and supporting muscle and nerve function. 

Collagen for Hair & Nail Repair and Maintenance

Looking to strengthen your nails and hair? We’ve got the best collagen powder for you! Our award winning and best selling Collagen Beauty supports hair and nails as collagen is an abundant source of protein, meaning it’s great for contributing to hair proteins which make up strong healthy hair. Collagen Beauty also contains wholefood sources of vitamin C and zinc, which help to support healthy hair. We’ve also added a natural source of silica from bamboo which is known to support healthy hair. 

Collagen Beauty supports nail health by providing nail beds with the amino acid arginine, which helps in maintaining healthy, strong nails. If your body needs more collagen, it may result in brittle, weak nails. Daily supplementation with collagen peptides may boost the growth of fingernails by 12% and reduce the frequency of broken nails by 42%, says a new study using the VERISOL® ingredient. 93% of people who took Collagen Beauty noticed a difference in their hair and nails. Collagen for hair, skin and nails is a big yes from us! 

Collagen for Muscle Growth & Support

Strengthening muscles supports good posture and can help in relieving back pain. As well as making falls and injuries less likely as your stability, balance and flexibility are byproducts of a healthy amount of muscle. The best collagen powder for muscle growth is Collagen Build.  

Collagen Build is a natural body toning and strength formulation for anyone living an active lifestyle, or anyone wanting to tone, build and repair lean muscle. Collagen Build is formulated with a great source of protein from BODYBALANCE® Bioactive Collagen Peptides and Magnesium to support muscle building, repair and function. This collagen for muscle growth and support also helps support muscle function, muscle repair, recovery & maintenance, support functioning of nerves & muscle tissue, support energy production and reduce tiredness and fatigue. 

Collagen for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, breastfeeding and throughout the postpartum period, many women suffer hair thinning and hair loss. Each stage of pregnancy and postpartum requires extra nutrition, taking a collagen powder for pregnancy is a great way to support you and your bubba, the best collagen powder for this stage and need is Collagen Beauty! Along with the extra boost of collagen protein and amino acids for skin, hair and nails, Collagen Beauty also contains wholefood zinc, silica and 100% RDI of vitamin C. Synthetics are best avoided during pregnancy, and the good news about all of our collagen powders (excluding Collagen Tablets) is that they are completely from wholefoods, meaning they are safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Amongst our thousands of reviews for Collagen Beauty are tonnes of reviews specifically related to the pregnancy and postpartum period. So rest assured, our collagen for pregnancy & breastfeeding is not only safe, but such a great support for hair, skin, nails and gut. 

“My hair needed a supplement to help bring it back after becoming thin and continually falling out after having a baby and frequently breastfeeding.” - Carly.

Have You Found The Best Collagen Powder for You?

So there you have it, the best collagen possible to get all the wonderful benefits of collagen powder for your needs and desires. Our specialised collagen products each contain the only researched collagen peptides on the market that target the specific areas of collagen within your body. Choose your collagen based on what benefits you seek and what your priorities are: collagen for skin, hair and nails, collagen for muscle growth, collagen for bones or collagen for gut health. 

If you are keen on one or more benefits of collagen, we recommend taking turns with which product you take. Choose one, and take it daily for two or three months, then change it up and focus on a different goal for the next few months. You won’t lose progress on one while you focus on another! 

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