Wellness can be overwhelming sometimes, we get it, it’s hard to know where to start in things like improving digestion, nutrition intake and immunity support. When it comes to a daily wellness supp...

Wellness can be overwhelming sometimes, we get it, it’s hard to know where to start in things like improving digestion, nutrition intake and immunity support. When it comes to a daily wellness supporter, our first point of call is our super greens powder! 

Super Greens + Reds contains whole foods to help digestion, support immunity, energy, cognitive function and so much more. It truly is the best super greens powder for a daily all-in-one wholefood multivitamin to support whole body wellbeing. With hundreds of people who swear by this daily super greens powder for gut health and overall wellness, it’s not hard to see why it’s an award-winning best seller. Let’s unpack this digestive clean green super queen a little more.

Super greens powder - Foods to help digestion Left recipe: Gift To The Gut Salad  | Right recipe: Simple Hormone Support Smoothie

What Helps Digestion?

The digestive system breaks down the foods we fuel our body with into nutrients our body can use. Improving digestion means fueling your body with the right kinds of foods like leafy greens, low fructose fruits and vegetables, pre and probiotics, fermented foods, lean protein, bone broth, gelatin and collagen

While nutrition is one of the main things you can consume to support digestion and gut wellbeing, there are some other things you can also do to improve digestion. Hydration, adequate exercise, staying on top of stress levels, avoiding foods that can clog you up (fried foods, refined sugars, too much bread, dairy, acidic foods, processed foods, excessive alcohol and caffeine) and getting enough sleep is what helps digestion for a happy gut. 

Foods to Help Digestion

Specific foods to help digestion alongside leafy greens include vegetables, lean meats (like fish and chicken) and low fructose fruits (like apple and pineapple), ginger, chia seeds, turmeric, licorice, lemon balm, mint, mushroom, fennel and fermented foods like sauerkraut and yoghurt. As mentioned above, our super greens powder, bone broth, gelatin and collagen are also great for improving digestion and supporting a happy gut thanks to the essential amino acids. 

Incorporating the above foods into your diet, alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle, is what helps digestion and gut wellbeing. Lacking some inspiration or need ideas for incorporating your super greens powder in recipes alongside other foods to improve digestion? Check out some of our fan favourites like Super Greens + Reds Smoothie Pops, Super Greens + Reds Gummies, Morning Multi Smoothie, Synbiotic Salad, Cabbage Leaf Dim Sum with Hearty Broth and Tropical Collagen Marshmallows

Foods to help digestion - Super Greens Powder Recipes

Using Super Greens Powder to Help Digestion 

Our super greens powder contains 23 nourishing greens and reds like spirulina, Australian alfalfa, Australian kale, chlorella, Australian broccoli, Australian spinach, Tasmanian kelp, blueberry, açai, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, beetroot, goji, acerola extract, sea buckthorn, queen garnet plum and tomato. This amount of nutrients in wholefood form means your body can actually absorb and use the vitamins and nutrition in the greens and reds (high-fibre foods) for fuel and digestion. 

Along with fruits and vegetables, our Super Greens + Reds also contain gut-loving goodness for improving digestion. Restorative & cleansing botanicals sprouted prebiotics and probiotics, flaxseed, St. Mary’s thistle, horsetail, licorice root, marshmallow root, lemon balm, dandelion leaf, ginger root and digestive enzymes which are all amazing supporters for gut wellbeing and digestion support. See why we call is the best super greens powder now? Insert a wink and our big cheeky grins here! 

Best super greens powder - Foods to help digestion

The Best Super Greens Powder from Nutra Organics 

Reviews like this one attest to the powerful wholefood nutrients in our super greens powder:

“I truly feel like this has made a difference in my life. My energy levels have improved massively, and I no longer feel like I'm craving a nap. My menstrual cycle symptoms are never too bad, but I feel since I've had this my tummy cramps have also reduced quite significantly. I feel more energised, focused and present in conversations. This will be an everyday thing for me.” - Isha 

Improving digestion with a daily ritual of Super Greens + Reds in water (bonus points when adding Collagen Beauty) or in a smoothie or treat is one of the greatest, easiest and most delicious ways to support digestion and gut wellbeing. Get your hands on the best super greens powder going and treat your tummy with some wholefood nutrition. 


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