Everybody loves ramen! 

There’s something about bowl of freshly selected colourful veggies, tender flavoursome meat, and a perfectly cooked egg or two lying on a bed of juicy noodles, soaking in a richly nourishing umami ramen broth that brings an intense, exciting, and deeply satisfying flavour experience. 

Soothing, warming, perfectly salty, rich and intensely flavourful, ramen broth is the exact opposite of boring.

It will satisfy and enrich your pallet every single time, bringing with it a wealth of powerful nutritional benefits, including supporting your gut health and immune system to help you feel good inside.

Traditionally, ramen broths are made by boiling bones for 12-24 hours, and combined with traditional asian ingredients.

Today, we’ve done the hard work for you by creating the perfect ramen bone and vegetable broths, then gently refractance dried them into a powder, taking care to preserve all the delicate nutrients and flavours, so that you can enjoy all the traditional benefits of ramen without the 24 hours of slow cooking!

We bring you instant Beef, Chicken and Vegetable Miso Ramen Broths - just add hot water!

Miso Ramen Broths


What’s so good about our Miso Ramen Broths?

The base of our Miso Ramen Broths are our original Beef Bone, Chicken Bone and Vegetable Broths. 

Bone broth is the powerful, gut loving elixir that is created when beef or chicken bones are boiled for 12-48 hours, releasing the vitamins, minerals and important proteins like collagen which can not be found in plant-based sources.

For our vegetarian and vegan friends, we have our delicious Vegetable Broth, which is basically your whole veggie garden in a cup and contains 14 nourishing veggies and herbs.

But the star ingredient of our new Miso Ramen Broths is our organic red miso!

Red miso is a staple food in many asian cultures, especially the original home of ramen - Japan! It’s made from fermented organic soy beans, which contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to promote gut wellbeing and a range of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Our Miso Ramen Broths are a delicious, easy and effective way to support your immune system, gut health and general wellbeing as they contain a good source of:

  • Zinc - for immune function, skin structure and wound healing, acid-base metabolism, macronutrient metabolism, protein synthesis, maintenance of normal hair and nails, antioxidant protection.
  • Vitamin B12 - immune function, energy metabolism, neurological function, reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin B2 - reduction of tiredness and fatigue and antioxidant protection
  • Vitamin B3 - reduction of tiredness and fatigue and neurological function
  • Vitamin B5 - energy production and reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • MCT Oil - for brain fuel


How to make ramen broth

How to make your own homemade ramen

Simply mix one tablespoon with one cup (250mL) of boiling water to make the ramen broth. You can enjoy this on its own as a savoury drink, or create a ramen bowl with your choice of protein, vegetables, eggs, ramen noodles and any other toppings you like.

We can promise you, once you try our new Ramen Broths, you’ll become a total ramen-tic!

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