This month our deliciously infused Collagen Beauty flavours were awarded Convenience Product of the Year by the Food & Beverage Industry. With less than 1g of sugar per serve and containing only pure wholefood ingredients, the Collagen Beauty flavours were recognised as a convenient way for our community to ingest collagen straight on water and experience the most effective benefits. This was the second year in a row we collected an award from the Food & Beverage Industry, in 2019 we also took out the top spot in the Health Food of the Year category for our innovative Collagen Beauty Bars.


Collagen Beauty Flavours

This convenient and natural solution to supporting collagen regeneration uses ingredients clinically shown in multiple studies to target collagen regeneration specifically within skin, with visible results in just eight weeks. The key ingredient VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides has been proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity and strengthen hair and nails. Given our skin is made up of over 75% collagen, which begins to degenerate in our mid 20s, it's any wonder this miracle powder is collecting awards. Other ingredients include wholefood sources of Vitamin C and Zinc, which further improve skin, hair, nails and gut wellbeing. The three natural flavours include a sweet Waterberry (a watermelon and strawberry infusion), a zesty Lemon Lime (a lemon lime citrus infusion), and a delightful Wildflower (a fruity and floral infusion with pear, pomegranate, berries and violet). The vitamins in the Collagen Beauty flavours are in organic wholefood form rather than synthetic, the fruit powders are also premium refractance dried (the drying method that retains the highest amount of nutrients and flavour) and the natural flavours are made within Australia using only natural extraction methods (pressing, drying and fermentation). This ensures a pure product that provides superior results compared to all other collagens on the market.


Collagen Beauty Bars

The Collagen Beauty Bars have become a snacking success and won the prestigious health award thanks to the beautifying contents within. Each Collagen Beauty Bar contains 4000 mg of collagen, including Verisol® bioactive collagen peptides. Together with other beautiful wholefoods, including protein and antioxidant rich superfoods, these bars are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional snack bars, and are a perfect way to get in your daily dose of collagen to help slow down and counteract the process of skin ageing. Available in two delicious flavours, Vanilla Berry and Salted Cacao Maca, the Collagen Beauty Bars are also gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and contain no artificial ingredients.

Another reason why these products have been a standout is because they are leading the way in sustainability within the collagen market. The Collagen Beauty flavours are available in full size tubs that are fully recyclable, made from recycled plastic, are BPA free and keep a long shelf life of 18 months. Likewise, the Collagen Beauty Bars come in wrappers that are 100% home compostable and will fully biodegrade within 26 weeks once disposed of. The wrappers are made from plant-based materials and trees that are FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council), meaning that for every tree that is cut down - another is planted. 

So if you’re looking for a trusted, award-winning product, then look no further. Our Collagen Beauty flavours and Collagen Beauty Bars, heck our entire Collagen range - is nothing short of amazing. 

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