Whether you’re a new bone broth user or you’re a long time broth lover, these five tips and ways to use bone broth will give you some nifty and new ways to incorporate broth into your daily routine...

Whether you’re a new bone broth user or you’re a long time broth lover, these five tips and ways to use bone broth will give you some nifty and new ways to incorporate broth into your daily routine. Never miss out on your daily bone broth benefits for your gut, immunity, energy, hair, skin and nails.

If you’re a newcomer or need a little recap on the benefits of bone broth and how exactly it is naturally nourishing, it comes down to the beneficial collagen protein, essential amino acids (found in our Bone Broth Concentrates & beef and chicken bone broth powders) and wholefood zinc and B vitamins, plus loads of wholefood veggies in our Vegetable Broths

5 ways to use bone broth

1. Bone broth in the morning instead of coffee

Before you cringe and shudder at the thought of broth in the morning instead of your coffee, just remember coffee may give you a quick boost, but often it means an afternoon crash. While coffee certainly has its benefits, the benefits of bone broth first thing in the morning far outweigh the benefits of coffee. 

So why first thing in the morning you ask? The naturally occurring glutamine, proline and glycine in bone broth have been shown to maintain gut wellbeing by protecting the lining of the digestive tract. This means the first thing to enter your digestive system is a nourishing and soothing broth to set you and your digestion up for the day ahead. Feeding your gut with bone broth first thing in the morning will have a soothing effect, so if you struggle with digestive discomfort or the like, it can be a great add-on to support your digestive system. Plus Glycine has been shown to naturally increase our bodies’ serotonin, which stabilises mood, wellbeing and all those general feelings of happiness. 

The protein in broth also allows our bodies to be fuller for longer, studies have shown when we eat enough protein our chances of having cravings are much lower, 10.30 am sweet tooth cravings we’re looking at you. 

Lemon and ginger ACV Bone Broth concentrate cup and product with lemon

2. Bone broth to replace stock

Bone broth and vegetable broth is not only a delicious and natural flavour enhancer for soups, stews, gravies and savoury meals, but it also infuses your meal with all the benefits of bone broth. So when you cook up your savoury meal, replace using regular store bought stock for a Nutra Organics Bone Broth for added nutritional value. 

Check out our blog to learn more about the differences between broth and stock and the added benefits of switching store-bought stock for our naturally nourishing bone broths.

Bone broth concentrate and powder with meal and stock

3. Bone broth used in place of seasoning

This bone broth hack is strictly a job for bone broth powders and vegetable broth powders. Simply sprinkle your choice of bone broth powder onto your salads, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, avocado toast and anywhere else you normally use salt or pepper or seasoning. Our bone broth powders contain salt and pepper to bring out and add flavour to your meals, plus with the additional benefits and flavours (like Mushroom, Miso Ramen, Garden Herb and Turmeric) that compliment salads, eggs and toast. 

Avocado toast and miso ramen boiled eggs with seaweed

4. Bone broth in meals

Our bone broth powders and concentrates are ultra versatile and great to boost not only the nutritional value of a meal, but also to enhance the flavour profile naturally and with ease. Some great examples of this and our favourites are; Brothy Roast PotatoesThai Style Roast Pumpkin Soup15 Minutes Chilli Beef Noodles and Caramelised Chicken Broth Gyozas

Spiking your meals with gut and immune bolstering benefits means the fussy kids in the family will be none the wiser to the nutritional benefits you’re sneaking into their delicious meals. Our favourite recipes for kids broth infused meals are The Nutritious Land Before TimeVeggie Hero Rice Cakes, Chicken Couscous and Satay Veggie Noodles.

 4 recipes containing Bone Broth from Nutra Organics. All stews and hearty meals

5. Bone broth as a pre-workout & post workout support

Some studies have shown that ingesting a good quality bone broth before and after exercise can enhance performance and speed up the recovery process. Taking bone broth at least one hour before exercise is optimal for bodily digestion and energy. The late great NBA star Kobe Bryant swore by bone broth for recovery of bones, muscles and enhanced performance, that’s a slam dunk for bone broth right there.

Bone broth is also great for your bones, skin, hair and nails, it’s the gut health flow that brings that outer glow. Feeling beautiful, energetic and healthy with multiple benefits - need any more reasons to take your broth everyday?

Bone Broth has many uses and benefits that outnumber five simple ways (we had to condense them into five), and is an absolute pantry staple to use in your everyday life or to add to your wellness routines. We’ve found one of the keys to longevity when it comes to healthy habits is small steps, plus mixing up the routine to keep it fresh and fun - because wellness doesn’t have to be boring and bland, just ask our broths!

 Nutra Organics Bone Broth Range

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